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    Financial betting is a very powerful device that gives the trader an opportunity to bet into the financial market without actually taking the possession of the underlying instrument.

    It is desirable to larger number of investors for many reasons like the absence of stamp duty on the dealings and there is no capital gains tax on the profits made from financial betting unlike traditional trading where trading profits are taxable. As the name suggests it is considered a bet and not an investment in the United Kingdom.

    Financial betting is more risky than conventional share trading. If the judgment or speculation goes wrong you can lose a great amount if there is no facility of stop loss. Many people think it is adequate to invest in shares rather than trading in financial betting which is morally not correct according to them. This is unfortunate because when you buy a share you trust that value will increase and you bet on the price of a share for the same reason. The matter of fact is that you require more money to purchase the share than speculating the trend or movement of the share value.

    The excellent feature of financial betting is that, generally you only have to pay a least amount of membership fee. You don’t need to pay any taxes on the profits and it is exempted from any types of taxes. The money earned is all yours and the loss also. If you are a webmaster you can easily start trading online sitting at home. All you must have is the latest abode flash player and java.

    Perhaps the financial betting is largely acceptable in the sporting index. There are two types of bets:

    1. The fixed odds- it depends on the person who wins the bet.
    2. Bet on the result of the game.

    For example, you speculate or bet on a football team to win by 100 points. If the team wins by 100 points or more you are the beneficial or winner and if the team loses your loss is also great. So a good investor always thinks before he leaps, he should invest or bet the amount he can afford to lose. You should tame a certain amount of risk which can be borne easily.

    A trader should invest in a volatile market where the prices of the commodities, shares or stocks are changing rapidly. It is a great opportunity to earn money irrespective of the financial markets going down.

    The costs of financial betting are lesser as compared to share trading like stamp duty, capital gains tax, etc. the earnings are non-taxable. The financial betting market is open 24/7. There is no closing time as it is online and expands to some important indices.

    It is fair to say that if there is a possibility of making money without paying any taxes and the loss is restricted to one’s own stake, the financial betting is an intelligent and a lucrative tool for the investors.

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    Making Money from Options Trading

    If you compare trading options with other conventional investment tools, you will find that it is totally different from them. In trading options the risk involved is limited and under your control. Options trading offers you an opportunity to invest according to the sharp turns that equity market is based on. You can also trade with different predictable commodities and currencies in the market. If you also want to enter the market and earn large amount of money, you must learn about options trading and its basics. Slowly and slowly, when you come to know the secrets of options trading, you can trade online or you can take the help of some financial consultant.

    What is Options Trading?

    Trading options are type of contract between two parties and one party pays premium to the other party so that the concerned party gets the right to buy or sell the stock at the prefixed expiry time. The amount invested for the stock is the only risk for the investor in options trading and thus options offer the trader to minimize his risk. If a trader notices that the market is taking a sharp turn, he can sell his stock before the expiry time. A trader can invest in equity options trading, commodities, index, currencies and interest-rate options trading.

    The Basics of Options Trading

    There are some certain conditions involved this kind of trading. Learning these conditions will help you how to trade with options trading:

    1. The term underlying is used to explain about the actual stock, commodity, or any other instrument on which the contract is based. The quantity, expiration and other terms are clearly indicated in the options trading.
    2. The buyer contacts to the party who will pay the premium of the option.
    3. The seller accepts the offer and gives the buyer the rights to sell or purchase the stock as per the terms.
    4. Both the parties agree on the strike price on which the exchange can be done, regardless of the price at the end of the expiration.
    5. The term ‘put’ offers the buyer the right to sell the stock.
    6. The term ‘call’ offers the buyer right to buy the stock.
    7. A long ‘put’ or ‘call’ refers the belief of the trader that the price of the stock will take a sharp turn to make big profit.
    8. The term short refers that the price of the said stock will change a little or not at all.
    9. It is better for the buyer to invest when the. options shows the term ‘in-the-money and when it shows ‘out-of-the-money’, it is not worth buying.

    For example, if you buy a commodity, say wheat, you expect that the price will go higher than the actual price $15 to $20 at the time of expiry, than you may go for deal with the seller. If the price reaches $20, then the buyer is in-the-money and the deal will settle in cash. In options trading, the deal is done in cash and not in commodity. The buyer will get the profit minus the premium money.

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  • May

    People, recently prefer to trade with options trading because it involves small investment offering the trader high returns, sometimes almost two to three times of the amount invested. Moreover, there is no possibility for a trader to lose more money than he has invested, so you can also say that options trading is a safe way of trading. To keep themselves on the safer side, people invest very small amount at initial stages. You can also trade and earn good money with options trading by following three key steps. If you ignore these steps and try to trade option trading with commodities or stock, you may lose a fortune. Here are the three steps to become successful in options trading:-

    Strategies for More Advantageous options Trading

    1. Pick only Those Options that Take a Quick Turn

    Try to pick a script that is likely to go very high in a very short time. For this you have to keep a watch in the market. For instance, in August, 2009, the silver market saw a sharp rise in a very short time but sugar market experienced a big fall in few weeks only. A future bet will result in big gains due to the sharp turn in the markets.

    Higher or lower, it does not count. For trading in options trading, it requires a very sudden and big move in either direction. Buying calls, or going long, a sudden price rise is sure to bring profits. The same is with buying a short or buying a put; a fall in price is definite to bring good profits. You may choose stocks or commodities for trading; their characteristics are different but the principle of looking for a big move for better gains is same.

    Prefer Buying More Traded Options

    Liquidity in financial market means that a trader being able to sell stock options, commodity options, future contracts, or stocks without waiting for potential buyers. Since there are very few traders to trade in the options trading, the commodities also do not provide much choice, selling or buying is done with the same contract, the shortage of liquidity in the stock market is always felt. So before you trade with the options trading, keep a look on the volume of that day and also the Open interest. If they show lower numbers or a 0, avoid buying on that particular day.

    3. Buy a Long Term Options Trade

    Any script if bought for 90 days in options trading, is likely to give you more returns in the end. In this way you get time to analyze the direction of the contract and sell accordingly. If any market seems to be set up for a sharp term in the positive direction, you should go for the high volume option. Because when the volume of that script starts coming down, the volume per option will also drop. It will than become difficult to sell and cash the stock. No cash means profit at all in options trading.

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  • May

    The Internet has made the world very small and it has provided everyone with enormous opportunities to earn money while sitting in the comforts of one’s home. Binary betting, a new way of earning quick money, is one of these opportunities. It has made the world go crazy because it is extremely easy to understand even for a person who is in new in the field of financial market.

    Making money from binary betting is not a difficult job but not very easy as well. The two key factors on which your profit or loss is based are – 1) the direction in which your stock may move and 2) the expiry time of the stock. Time is a more important factor in binary options betting because it determines the value of the market at a predefined point in future.

    The most crucial technique involved in binary betting is the knowledge about predicting the direction in which the stock will move. If your estimation is right, then you get double the amount you have invested. So it becomes very important to work on the directional analysis.

    The main difference between normal trading and binary betting is that in binary bets, a trader estimates the movement of the item and not its price. Even if the price quoted is up by only one point before its expiry period ends, the trader receives a full payoff. It is only in target bets that importance is given to the extent of time.

    Various indicators like cycles, oscillators, and averages that result from several generated signals can be put to use for statistically testing the direction of the market over predefined periods of time.

    For example, one could use the crossover system that moves on an average basis and that indicates that the market will be still higher or lower at a certain point in future. In case this system works profitably for most tests, especially in case of multiple markets, then it can be applied on earning big money through binary betting by using the management techniques enumerated above.

    Apart from this, a simple strategy that often works in binary betting is looking for some extreme market trends. This means that betting on a market movement that it will take a completely reverse turn from what it has been moving constantly since a long time. Since such a turn is usually unexpected, it can fetch huge returns on your investment provided that it is done carefully after studying and analyzing the history of that market.

    In intraday binary trading, currencies and indices often stagnate even before announcements or key figures come out. Even very regular events can result in unlimited waiting till the market comes to a standstill before the announcement. In such a case, instead of going crazy and feeling uncertain after watching the computer screen for hours, one could make handsome profits by placing a binary bet estimating that the market will not move either side.

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    Binary options trading is a lucrative new form of trading in the world of financial betting. This has proved high speed money making machine with 75% or more returns only in a time span of one hour. But this money minting machine and double-edged sword can wreck your nerves. If some basic principles are not followed properly, you can lose tremendous money in this type of trading. Here are three keys that can play a great role in your success with binary options trading.

    Do Not Overtrade

    In normal trading, one can place as many bets as one wants to. The opportunities are limitless and any one can go through them unhurt. This concept goes well with binary options because new options and new expiration time are being issued continuously.

    But don’t become too active with binary options or you will burn your fingers. Spend good time to analyze the market. Hunches or gut feeling does not work in binary options. Don’t panic on missing a profitable trade item because new opportunities are constantly created in the market. Don’t try to grab a stock as soon as you see it starts moving up. Don’t hesitate to step back when you think have enough of trading on a particular day. Relax and wait for the next day offering new openings.

    Watch Your Investments

    The key factor why binary options are becoming popular is the high return it offers in a very short time. But it has its drawbacks as well. The potential loss involved with binary options also can be heavy on your pocket. So it becomes important that you do not invest a large amount in any of the scripts even if you are confidant about its success. Listen to other traders but rely only on your own instinct.

    It does not matter how good you can analyze the market because even the most experienced can end up losing at the end of the day. If you are able to manage your trade-size in a proper way, you can list success most of the times.

    You should not put over 5% of your investment in one binary stock. If you begin subsidizing your account by less than $500, you will not be able to follow this rule, since the minimum of $25 trade is going to exceed the 5% limit of your account. It is absolutely fine if you don’t have $500 to begin with but keep in mind that this will put you at a greater risk of finding your account empty after a few unlucky transactions in a row.

    Make Use of Charts Appropriately
    Use of techniques is not that important but how to use them can make a real difference. The use of technique only will be the deciding factor between your profit and loss. If you can use a technical-analysis-plan in an accurate manner, apply it time and again. In case you have some doubt about your technique’s success than it will be better to find a new strategy.

    A 3 minute chart is advised by the experts that expires the within a day and hourly charts that expires within a week.

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  • May

    People, all over the world, especially in US and UK, have gone crazy about binary bets as this new concept in the financial market has proved like a money minting machine in a very short period of time. The binary bets are easy to comprehend, quick, and volatile in nature. But how a person, who is new to the market, will get benefits of binary bets and what type of strategies should he adopt to earn money, is a little bit difficult question.

    Actually, first the concept of binary bets should be clear in ones mind before he starts trading. Binary bets trading provides a person an opportunity to accept the potential risk in order to make possible profit. One can say that it is a combination of great profits and low risk along with the probability of working well. Binary bets are that type of trading where a person estimates about the direction in which the market may move and he knows the predetermined risk in advance.

    There is no doubt that making money with binary options trading is a risky job, but risk is part and parcel of every form of trading. In other trading stocks, the outcome is not influenced by traders or the environment of the various markets, but it is not the same in binary options.

    When you start trading with binary bets, initially you should concentrate on simple methods of trading until you gather enough knowledge for taking risks at high levels. The strategy to trade in binary bets and earn money is very simple. It predicts the sharp moves of the market (up or down) backed by a news event and places the bet estimating the market trend will take a reverse turn.

    For example, some fiscal news is released that the FTSE 100 index will go higher sharply, but it reacts differently and the market goes down sharply. The sharp and quick moves make US NASDAQ and FTSE100 markets quite volatile, quick, and perfect for this type trading.


    1. Be sure that you have full knowledge of binary bets.
    2. Wait for the 1st Friday that is unemployment day in US. Big transactions are done on that day.
    3. Without analyzing the news, try to trade when the market takes a sharp turn, up or down.
    4. If suddenly the market takes a sharp turn, let us say it goes up suddenly, always trade in the opposite direction means it is the time to place a down bet. If the market goes up, for example, 40 points, trade under 10 or 20, so that the risk factor is less with comparatively bigger reward and moreover, you can sell your bet any time before the expiry time.
    5. In these types of bets, risk factor is about 5 to 1, while probability of reward is 70%. You may lose majority of trades, still the end result will be positive. But you need to have patient, because this may happen only five to six times a year.
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    Recently, the world of financial markets has seen a new concept called binary betting that is alluring the traders from all over the world for its unlimited money gains that are promised within a short time period. It is based on a very simple theory; just meet the required conditions and win double the money you have invested and no returns in case you fail. The prefixed profit and loss are the main features of binary betting where traditional betting fails. For instance, since financial markets mostly move sideways, the No Touch bet or Range Bet can be an advisable option since it allows you to earn profits from the market volatility or absence of movement. All you need to do is look for a market that has a good statistical probability of remaining stable so you will be able to double your wager by placing binary bets.

    With Double Down bets or Double Up bets, one can place a bet on a stock, currency, or index that is likely to go up or down. If your estimate is correct, you immediately double your money.

    The downside of this kind of trading is that many people can not make consistent strategies or don’t have any at all when trying for trading. Everybody knows that trading in the market is completely unpredictable. Although most of the companies that deal in binary betting always keep a safe corner for themselves and in order to keep the market in their favor, they twist a ‘double or quits’ so that they c an earn profit. They also earn great profits because 50% of the times traders are likely to lose. It is mostly no winning situation for the traders at the end of the day because they do not follow a reliable strategy.

    Go for Intraday or Daily Trading

    You may trade in any time frame since both are followed in binary betting. All that matters is to establish which strategy will be more beneficial.

    Those, who trade with intra-day strategy, get the benefit of the signals that are generated very rapidly – satisfying both, the fast growth of accounts and yearning for action.

    The only problem that an intraday trader can face is that binary options show less certainty as compared to long-term patterns but with intraday, you need not keep your eyes on the computer throughout the day, analyzing the situation only once or twice is more than enough to guarantee your profits.

    Choose Your Own Instrument

    In binary betting, a wide range for trading is available. One can bet with US, UK and indices and equities of other countries, and also on a wide range of items such currencies, and commodities. You can place your bet on the instrument you feel comfortable with and are sure that the prediction will go right. If you choose from a wider range of instruments Along with a scanning system, then you can avail of a better range of trading possibilities and benefit from a greater number of lucrative opportunities.

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  • May

    Although binary betting is a new concept in the financial market, it has become immensely popular among masses especially in UK. Binary betting is illegal in the US. It is becoming popular among punters because it is a very simple form of trading and moreover, the risk involved is fixed. The other advantage is that the money earned by binary bets is totally tax-free. Here are some strategies that may help you in generating hordes of money in a very short time with binary bets.


    1. Before you enter into this market it is important that you must know not only the basics of binary bets but you should have full knowledge about the subject. Have a through knowledge about what is happening in the market and which scripts will be the most beneficial. You can gather the information on online news web sites or from various news papers.

    2. Check with the financial calendar that can provide you with the latest news and major scheduled announcements that can affect your bets. These calendars are available with prominent investing sites and broadsheets.

    3. There are charts available on the binary betting sites that are quite helpful in identifying the trends going on in the market. Use these charts to collect the information about the working of the market and also what kind of trading might be successful.

    4. Fix the parameter of your investments so that it can reflect your thinking about the market. Don’t forget that higher the odds- higher the money you will be paying. So be satisfied with the amount you have selected to place for bet.

    5. It is generally the trend that lower returns binary betting offers good results because there are more chances of winning. Although you will not get hordes of money, risk involved is also less.

    6. Those who are new and do not want to take much risk, invest in small amounts and are satisfied with less profits. But people, who are experienced in the field and can tackle higher risks, prefer bets that have less chances of winning because they can earn good profit even with one or two wins. So their overall profit balances the losses.

    7. One more advantage of binary betting is that you can sell your stock (not the intraday stock) before the expiry time and thus list your profit or limit your loss. So continuous monitoring the market is must. Monitoring the market now and then will enable you to take the maximum advantage of the opportunities that come along.

    8. In UK all the earnings from betting are tax free which is a big advantage for the traders. However, there is possibility of laws to get changed and also rules differ from country to country. So seeking the advice of a tax adviser will be better.

    9. Do not invest beyond your limits. It is true that the potential loss is prefixed but loosing beyond your limits can cost you your future.

    10. Since this short term betting is highly profitable, people enjoy this form of betting immensely. But in case you face trouble, stop immediately and seek some expert’s help.

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  • May

    Binary options are an exhilarating and exciting concept in the financial world. They are one of the most interesting and newest vehicles found in the trading world which provide a platform for making money easily and in a short span of time. Binary options are the best for the traders who want significant and short term gains with limited risk factor. Binary options allow an investor to form an exact and immediate opinion on whether a specific outcome will occur or not. The time period of binary options is sometimes less than a day or an hour. Binary trading is an innovative trend in a financial industry. It is a strategy of dealing with contradictory options of the asset, hedging your investments and getting possible profits. It is a simple and easy way to gain money in a short span of time. Here are some reasons for this appeal:

    1. Risk management: the trader in binary business easily predicts his amount of possible loss or gain. So the risk factor is less as compared to various traditional trading companies. As the market pulse provides the protection rate of 15% as additional benefit so the trader will not suffer from more than 85% loss.

    2. Simple and innovative trading: binary options have been out from the last two or three years and is earning great popularity day by day as it is a gateway for easy earning. The basic requirements are patience, determination, willingness and effort to learn about strategies of binary trading.

    3. Less regulation: the regulations in this type of trading are less severe than conventional trading. As binary options are available on the internet and online business is done round the clock, so if the companies want to obstruct business dealing they can easily move to another location with hardly any regulations.

    4. Variety of range of options: as compared to traditional trading, there is a variety of trade choices in binary business. They are not limited to one market only. It offers a series of products to trade in like financial instruments to weather and sports etc. Thus traders have various opportunities to invest their money in some of the most desirable options.

    5. Instant gratification: everyone enjoys instant results and rewards. While binary business operates in interval of hours and minutes other markets take days, weeks and years. One can consign binary options and earn profits in a short span of time. So binary options are the simplest form of trading which does not require any kind of technical analysis, irrelevant numbers and equations. It is just a prediction of direction of market and one can easily increase chances of gaining money by managing simple strategies and lowering the risk factor with a handful amount.

    Finally binary options are easy to access, highly dynamic and free from rules and regulations and give the investor a peace of mind. So it is very easy to get quick money by binary trading.

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  • May

    Binary options are a unique system of trading where the trader has to simply judge or speculate whether the price of the underlying asset will rise or fall. Binary options are the most interesting and innovating medium of trading in the current financial market. It is getting popular rapidly because of its simplicity and volatility.

    The most significant reason for this is the predetermined and fixed risk factor on the investment made by the trader. Any new trader can begin investing money in it with few trade skills and a basic knowledge of market sentiment and trend.

    The benefits of binary options over the other trading practices attract the investors all over the world. Some of the distinct advantages of trading under binary options are:

    1. Predetermined risk- the biggest fear of investing money in a trade is the risk of losing it. In binary trading the investor is able to calculate the amount of money he is going to lose if the deal does not end in his favor. The unsuccessful deal would cost the investor 15% of the initial investment.
    1. Guaranteed profits- the binary option trading guarantees the investor a profit of 60%- 80% if the speculation made by him is positive. The volume of investment or magnitude of change is of no significance. The investor is benefited even if the price changes by a single tick.
    1. Simple- the binary options trading is very simple and easy to understand in comparison to the other trading systems. The trader should acquire basic trading skills and trend of the financial market.
    1. Flexible- the platforms like ‘ANYOPTION’ are available for binary options trading which are very flexible and amiable. They make the trading easy for the investor.

    Millions of traders including banks, brokers and traders make transactions all over the world on the variety of products like online financial markets like Forex, stocks, gold, platinum and other commodities.

    The interest is booming with different websites and programs which ensure significant profits on trading under them. So the trading has become very easy and anybody with little knowledge and small investment can start it. A new investor can begin the trade with a lowest amount of $30.

    The binary options are rapidly being accepted because of profits up to 75% of the initial investment.

    The binary options terminate hourly or maximum by the end of the day. So the trader can make short term investments and earn a considerable amount of money in a short span of time.

    Google, us dollar, yen, NASDOQ index and Microsoft, well recognized and highly liquid securities are accessible for the binary options trade.

    The binary options are very fresh and innovative form of trading that has won over all other trading options with its simplicity, limited risk factor, higher revenue returns. It is very lucrative and the investor can earn great profits quickly. So it is the most effective way of making money with the minimum risk involved.

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